When a staff member leaves the district or a student is graduating, they may wish to move some or all of their google data to another google account. 

1) First, go to the Download your data page. When you first go to the page you may need to sign in with your district email address.

2) Select each product that you would like to download. (Note: It is best to leave all fields checked to ensure you have gathered all your data.)

3) Towards the bottom of the page click the next button. This will take you to the Customize archive format. (Delivery Method: You can select multiple methods of delivery including Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, and Box. However, the easiest delivery method would be Send Download link Via email.)

4) After you click Create Archive you will be taken to the next page where the archive process will start ( Creating the archive may take some time to complete.)

5) Once the archive process is completed you can down download your data to the computer you are using.

click here to view instructions on how to archive your Google data

If you are familiar with using google take out, you can click on the below link to get started: