When setting up your District Exchange email on your iPhone, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings (this is the gear icon)

Step 2: Go to Accounts and Passwords

Step 3: Go to Add Account

Step 4: Choose EXCHANGE for the type of Account.

Step 5: Mail Account Set-up
Enter your district email and the description and choose. Next enter your password (remember passwords are case sensitive). In the example we have used SRVUSD for the description, but you may choose what suits your situation best. After you have entered your information choose NEXT.  

Step 6: Finalizing Set up

When give the choice to manually configure or just Sign-in, choose "SIGN IN", as pictured below. 

Step7: Choose your Sync Settings

You will want to select (make green) anything you want to sync from exchange to your phone. We do not recommend syncing contacts if you have already manually created and saved many of your work contacts on your phone already. Syncing contacts from exchange could result in duplicate contact addresses and delays in syncing changes and updates to mail and related contacts. Choose SAVE when finished selecting your syncing settings. 

Depending on how much mail you have, it can take several minutes for mail to populate when opening the mail app. The speed of the network you are connected to can also affect how quickly your mail populates. 

More About Mail on Your iPhone
If you would like to adjust the frequency of mail that displays on your phone, delete your account from your phone or adjust your sync settings, you can do so by going back to Settings>Accounts and Passwords then selecting the mail you configured (in our example it was Srvusd),(See picture below)

Please note, by setting up mail on your phone, you agree to certain access by the district for inspection of mail as well as the ability to wipe data from the device should it be lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.