Follow the below steps to configure Exchange Mail for your Android Phone:

Step 1: Download the Outlook for Android App

Step 2: Start the Outlook App - Tap "Get Started"

Step 3: Configure the Outlook App for your Account by entering your district email address. When done, click "continue". 

Step 4: Connect to Exchange Mail - Your email should pre-populate from the last screen. Enter your password and include a description. SRVUSD is recommended for the description although not required. Tap the check mark in the top right hand corner when you are done. 

Step 5: Configure your domain settings - you should be prompted to input your username and domain. Be sure you are using the backslash "\" when entering your domain and username. Your email should pre-populate from the previous screen as well as your description (if one was entered). Tap the check mark in the top right hand corner when your data is entered. 

Step 6: Advanced Settings/Options - Once you have completed step 5 you will likely be automatically re-directed to the advanced settings which include the server and domain\username requirements. Once all is entered, simply tap the check mark in the top right hand corner of the app. 

Step 7: Once all the settings are input you email is ready to go. You may wish to adjust your settings after mail is configured to specify your notification, organization and mail view settings. Setting can be configured by going to the "pancake" (three lines) in the top left corner and then to the gear within the menu. 

Please note, by setting up mail on your phone, you agree to certain access by the district for inspection of mail as well as the ability to wipe data from the device should it be lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.