If you recently updated/changed your District password and are having trouble receiving mail or your outlook client shows "offline" in the bottom right hand corner, you may need to manually update your password in setting to resume connection. 

When updating or changing your password your outlook client should prompt you to update your password once outlook is reopened. If it does not automatically ask, follow the below steps to update your password manually. Please note you must be connected to the internet in order for the password update to work.

Step 1:

Open Outlook 2016


Step 3: Click on ACCOUNTS to open the menu, locate the PASSWORD FIELD

Step 4: Highlight your existing password and re-type your new password, hit enter. 

Step 5: Exit out of the Accounts Menu and your mail should start syncing again. Depending on how long your client has been disconnected, please be sure synching has completed in the bottom right hand corner of the outlook client before submitting a ticket for assistance. You can send mail and use the client normally while the account is synching and catching up.