If you have recently updated or changed your District password, and you have not automatically been prompted to update it when opening mail on your IOS device, you may need to manually update your password to resume receiving and sending mail. Follow the below steps to manually update your password within IOS.

Step 1: Go to SETTINGS

Step 2: Go to PASSWORDS AND ACCOUNTS/ACCOUNTS AND PASSWORDS (the order of these words in this menu will depend on whether you are using IOS 11 or 12 but it is the same menu

Step 3: Choose and select your ACCOUNT for SRVUSD mail. If you named your mail something different than SRVUSD when you set it up, you will want to select that account. 

Step 4: Choose and select your ACCOUNT under EXCHANGE

Step 5: Locate the PASSWORD field 

Step 6: Highlight your old password and re-type your new password in the PASSWORD field (remember passwords are case sensitive)

Step 7: Select DONE in the top right hand corner once you have updated your password

Once you have updated your password, you should start seeing your new mail re-populate. Depending on how long your mail client has been disconnected and/or your internet speed you may need to wait several minutes before all of your mail has been synched and is displayed.